Do Engine Treaments  Really Work?

There are a lot of treatment products on the market making oustanding claims, which if true could save consumers millions of pounds. Not only engine treatments, but removal of lead from petrol and sulfur from diesel fuel has made these products dry and in need of an additive for lubrication.

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Bishop´s Original line of products have been tested, proven and documented for more than 25 years by prestigious Labs and Universities around the world

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Where do the Bishop’s Original Products come from?
Why such unusual name?
What are permafused lubricants?

What is the method of improving this process and reducing the wear?

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the problems of lubrication

B ORIGINAL Inc. offers Bishop´s Original line of products, highest quality and most effective line of products specified to solve
the problems of lubrication

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There are too many commercials today on TV which look impressive and they all seem to be true. Just like you, I watched those commercials, heard and stories, and wondered wath the” real” truth was about it all. As a result, this article was created to share with you all of the information I have gathered over the years about engine treatments, as well as crude-based and synthetic motor oils.                    

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B ORIGINAL Inc. introduced you Bishop´s OriginalTM products, the best quality and most effective products destined for lubrication problems solving. During last 25 years millions off cases of problematic car and airplane engines, boat transport and industrial units have been solved. The lubrication sphere experts still innovate particular prescriptions of lubricants to solve particular cases. They have been started to derive benefits from permafused lubricants TM, that was invented by Mr. John Bishop.

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